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5 Mysterious Facts About Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda TriangleThe legendary Bermuda Triangle, located in Atlantic Ocean bounded by Miami(Florida), Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Since from the long time the Bermuda Triangle has been popular for many mysterious reasons or incidents that have occurred or believed to have happened at this place. Many ships and planes have been mysteriously disappeared from this place. For this reasons it is also called as The Devil’s Triangle.

There are many artificial as well as supernatural stories and theories around this Bermuda Triangle and perhaps science can provide some reasons for that. Although many theories and explanations have been given, but Bermuda Triangle still remains as an unsolved mystery. Read further to find out few interesting facts about Bermuda Triangle.

Mysterious Facts About Bermuda Triangle :

  1. Christopher Columbus was the first person to report the strange incidents that occurred at Bermuda Triangle. On his first trip through that area, he saw mysterious lights glowing and also his compass was unable to show the correct positions.
  2. The Bermuda Triangle is one of the few places on earth, where compass will not point true north.
  3. There are no traces or signs of debris or anything related to the incidents that have occurred in this place. This may be because of the Gulf Stream that runs through Bermuda Triangle and this may have flown away all the debris with it, leaving no signs or traces behind.
  4. Methane Gas – there is a lot of methane gas trapped in this part of the ocean. The methane gas trapped under the sea floor can erupt and this can lower the water density and ultimately causing ships to sink. Even planes flying over it can catch fire during such a gas blowout.
  5. While giving the name to this triangle, the first suggestion that came up was Miami Triangle. But due to objection from Florida saying that they would lose the visitors to Miami as people would fear to come there, this was ruled out. So the next name suggested was Puerto Rico Triangle, which again was objected by the Puerto Rico. Then finally a tiny island Bermuda, which forms the third corner of the triangle was considered. Bermuda was also known as “The Isle of Devils”, which suited the purpose quite well and therefore the final name “Bermuda Triangle” was coined.

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