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Doon School announces a two-week Leadership Course

DUThe premier Doon School has announced a two-week leadership course for young boys and girls from all over the country and abroad. The leadership course is named as “Summer at Doon” and will begin from June 1st. The course will be for 9-12 grade students(Age 14-18), and the last date for application is April 30, 2014.

The Doon School has a legacy of producing future leaders and have a large number of famous, talented and influential personalities’ names in their alumni list. The programme will offer the students to learn the art, science and practice of leadership at this premier institute. The course will also include Socratic Dialogues, leadership case studies, creative experiential learning, outdoor adventure, social service, self-reflection and group interaction.

According to reports, Institute’s headmaster Peter McLaughlin said that “The Summer at Doon Leadership Course has come at the perfect time for India, and, indeed, the world. Young people are looking for clear leadership at national and international level from the adults in society, but see a woeful lack of intelligent, decisive and ethical leadership in practice.We will teach boys and girls the theoretical foundations of influential leadership, and how to make the calculated and informed decisions that are required to make a positive difference in the world”.

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