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Multiplication Of Whole Numbers Example -1

Multiplication Of Whole Numbers Ex-1

Let us learn in this chapter how to multiply a whole numbers. Before start multiplying, remember that any number multiplied with zero gives 0. First let us multiply the one digit numbers with some examples : 4 x 5 = ? 6 x 0 = ? 3 x 6 = ? 0 x 9 =? One digit multiplication is as ... Read More »

Multiplication Of Whole Numbers

Multiplication Of Whole Numbers

Let us learn in this chapter how to multiply the whole numbers on the number line. Let us solve an example 4 x 3, try to multiply them on number line. On number line when you are multiplying 3 times of 4, you are moving towards the right side. First mark a point on 4 and skip 3 numbers then ... Read More »

Subtraction With Borrowing

Subtraction With Borrowing

We are going to learn in this lesson how to subtract with borrowing (regrouping). Let us consider an example : Subtract 77 from 95. First place the given numbers in order i.e., ones, tens and so on. In One’s column subtraction is not possible because the value 7 is greater than the value 5, so we can borrow from ten’s ... Read More »

Subtraction Of Whole Numbers Example-1

Subtraction Of Whole Numbers Ex-1

In this chapter we are going to learn how to subtract whole numbers. let us try to solve an example like 55 – 10. let us subtract 10 from 55, here when we are subtracting ones column digits, i.e., 5-0 we get 5, now subtract tens column digits 5-1 we get 4. Thus we get 55 – 1 0 as ... Read More »

Addition Of Whole numbers Example -1

Addition Of Whole Numbers Ex-1

In this lesson, we are going to learn how to add the whole numbers. Let us solve a problem 3+5=8 By adding the numbers 3+5 we get the sum as 8. We have seen that solving 1 digit number is very easy. Now let us learn how to add the two digit numbers. 25+60=? By adding the ones column digits ... Read More »

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