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Adding Mixed Fractions


As we have already learnt the concept of mixed fractions in our earlier article. Now in this article we are going to add the mixed fractions. Let us try to solve few examples Add 2 2/3 to 3 1/2 Here 2 2/3 means (2X3+2)/3= (6+2)/3 =8/3. and 3 1/2 means (2X3+1)/2= (6+1)/2 = 7/2. We can see that denominator are ... Read More »

Reciprocal Of A Fraction


Any two non-zero numbers whose product is 1 are called as reciprocals of one another. Example, reciprocal of4/7 is  7/4 since the numerator becomes the denominator and vice versa, and the product of these numbers are 1, i.e.,4/7x7 /4=28/28 = 1. Therefore the reciprocal of4/7is7/4. Let us try to solve few more examples : 2/3 3/6 5/4 In the first example, ... Read More »

Mixed Numbers


We have already learnt about proper and improper fractions, now we are going to learn about mixed fractions(numbers). A fraction which is a combination of a whole number and a proper fraction together is called as Mixed fractions or numbers. Let us solve an example  13/4 We can say that given example is an improper fraction since, numerator(13) is greater ... Read More »

Proper And Improper Fractions


As we have already discuss the concept of fractions. Now let us learn about proper and improper fractions. Proper fractions: It means the number in the numerator is less than the number in the denominator. Example : 4/5, 1/2, 3/4, 2/5, 4/7. Improper fractions:  It means a number which is greater than or equal to its denominator. Example :  8/3, ... Read More »



In this chapter we are going to learn the concept of fractions which means a number above and below of a line, i.e., a numerator and a denominator. Here numerator indicates the divided parts and whereas the denominator indicates the total parts. Let us discuss this topic easily with the help of few diagrams How many parts does it have ... Read More »

Convert Rational Numbers In Decimal Form

Convert Rational Numbers In Decimal Form

In this chapter we are going to discuss how to convert a rational number into decimal form. Let us discuss this concept with an example 2/5 In the example, 5 is not divisible by 2, so put a zero along with a point in the quotient then put a 0 over 2 the value 2 becomes 20. Now 5 times ... Read More »

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