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Laws Of Economics

Broaden your financial horizons with WeTeachAcademy’s “Law of Economics” course. This illuminating course takes you beyond the trading floor to give you a profound understanding of core economic principles. It covers crucial topics such as economic growth, the nature and impact of financial crises, the roles of interest and inflation, the importance of saving and …

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Social Trading

Step into the interconnected world of trading with WeTeachAcademy’s “Social Trading” course. This engaging course introduces you to social trading, a new-age strategy that enables traders to learn from and follow their peers’ successful trading strategies. The course intricately explains what social trading is, how it works, its advantages and drawbacks, and how to choose …

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Discover the power of Electronic Communication Networks (ECN) with WeTeachAcademy’s “ECN” course. This course offers a comprehensive understanding of ECN – its functionalities, importance, and how it impacts your trading success. This crucial component of the forex market facilitates direct interaction between market participants, influencing the pace and price of trades. By decoding the workings …

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Immerse yourself in the rich knowledge contained within the “Ebooks” course from WeTeachAcademy. This unique course offers a curated selection of comprehensive ebooks, allowing you to delve deeper into key trading concepts beyond our regular course content. Covering a range of topics including a glossary of terms, trading strategies, capital management, global trading, and technical …

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Metatrader Mobile

Master mobile trading with WeTeachAcademy’s “MetaTrader Mobile” course. Tailored to the functionalities of the MetaTrader mobile apps on both Apple and Android devices, as well as tablets, this course ensures you stay connected to the markets on the go. You will learn everything from creating an account, managing assets, opening, closing, and modifying deals, to …

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Beginners course

Kickstart your journey into the exciting realm of forex trading with WeTeachAcademy’s “Beginners Course”. This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the Forex market, explaining its basic mechanics and various types of orders. Complete with a glossary of essential concepts, this self-paced course has been designed to equip you with a solid foundation, making it …

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Trading Tools

Gear up for a comprehensive learning experience with WeTeachAcademy’s “Trading Tools” course. This course is a treasure trove of essential skills and knowledge, empowering you to grasp global trading dynamics, understand trading psychology, and effectively manage your capital. Delve into the crucial aspects of market analysis, technical analysis, and advanced technical analysis, each designed to …

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Metatrader Tutorials

Take control of your trading experience with WeTeachAcademy’s “Metatrader Tutorial” course. This comprehensive guide demystifies the MetaTrader platform, providing you with a robust understanding of its functionalities and tools. Whether you’re plotting a chart, placing an order, or exploring its multiple features, this course ensures you leverage the platform to its full potential.

Cfd and stocks

Enter the dynamic world of Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and stock trading with WeTeachAcademy’s “CFD and Stocks” course. This introductory course is perfect for anyone looking to understand the core fundamentals of CFDs and how they interplay with stock trading. Covering the basics of CFDs, their application, and relation to stock markets, this course is …

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Get ready to elevate your forex prowess with WeTeachAcademy’s “Strategies” course. This specialized course delves into the diverse array of strategies necessary for navigating different market conditions with finesse. From mastering the use of trend signals, understanding the complexities of tunnels, harnessing the power of the wave tracker, to ensnaring success with the Fibo Trap, …

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Advanced Lessons

Amplify your trading proficiency with WeTeachAcademy’s “Advanced Lessons”. This comprehensive course is meticulously designed for those ready to ascend to the highest levels of forex trading. Delve into the intricate world of pips, explore the strategies behind short and long positions, and master the art of taking profits at the right time. In addition, you’ll …

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Trading Terms

Unleash your full trading potential with WeTeachAcademy’s “Trading Terms” course. Specifically curated for seasoned traders, this advanced course delves into high-level concepts and terminologies, providing a deep understanding of the mechanisms that drive successful trades. Covering topics from the tactical 5/15 and 10/30 rules, insightful market analysis, to the mastery of interpreting complex patterns like …

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Learn the Basics

Dive into the exciting world of forex trading with WeTeachAcademy’s “Learn the Basics” course. This captivating and interactive course is your first step toward trading mastery, demystifying the complex world of forex. With lessons covering everything from the art of trading, managing risk, the psychology of emotional trading, to understanding currency pairs and the essence …

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